February 7, 2024

Winter Newsletter 2024

St. Mary’s Mausoleum II

Discover a timeless resting place in our upcoming Community Mausoleum! As construction unfolds, we invite you to secure your peace of mind by purchasing pre-need crypts. This exclusive opportunity not only ensures your place in this elegant mausoleum featuring floor to ceiling stained glass windows, but special discount offers are still available to those interested. Immerse yourself in the serenity of our thoughtfully designed cemetery, where tradition meets tranquility. Join us in creating a lasting legacy for generations to come. Reserve your space now and embrace the comfort of planning ahead with our pre-need offering. Exclusive features include luxury private rooms, high end glass-front and marble niches, and separate parking areas.


Exciting News!

We are thrilled to share our upcoming developments that reflect our commitment to sustainability and community support. In the spirit of environmental responsibility, St. Michael’s has begun its project of installing solar panels, contributing to a greener future. Stay tuned for more details on how we are making a positive impact in both the environment and our community we proudly serve.


St. Michael’s Cemetery honors Scott Joplin and Granville T. Woods during our Black History month tribute

We warmly welcome you to visit our offices to acquire a specially dedicated literature pamphlet. This pamphlet provides significant insight into the lives of these exceptional historical figures, both of whom are laid to rest here at St. Michael’s.

We look forward to a forthcoming springtime event that will provide exclusive guided tours to the gravesites of Joplin and Woods. Please check back for upcoming event dates.


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