An affordable alternative to in-ground burial

What Is a Mausoleum?

A mausoleum is an above-ground structure for the entombment of human remains. Mausoleums have been used for hundreds of years. Modern building methods permit construction of enduring beautiful mausoleums at prices affordable to nearly everyone. A crypt space is where a casket is placed. This space is dry, vented, clean, and safely sealed.

What are the Advantages of Mausoleum Entombment?

Above ground entombment provides protection against the harsh elements of the earth associated with below-ground burial. The mausoleum chapel service can be dignified and protected from the weather. Costs such as grave stones and concrete vaults connected with below-ground burial are eliminated.

St. Mary’s II Mausoleum

Pre- Construction Discount available on all Crypt spaces

St. Mary’s II Mausoleum will be a community mausoleum neighboring the recently constructed St. Mary’s building.

For a limited time, we are offering a $1,000 pre-development discount on all community mausoleum crypts in St. Mary’s II Mausoleum. We offer monthly billing and extended payment options with only 10% down. Payments are tax free and interest free.

Does Mausoleum Entombment Cost More Than Below-Ground?

Costs can actually be less than below-ground burial. Entombment fees are less because of lower labor costs. The cost of concrete vaults and grave stones is eliminated.

Are Mausoleums Appropriate for People of Moderate Means?

St. Michael’s has developed pre-need payment plans to fit almost any family budget. Great savings can be made by pre-arranging and paying for cemetery property in small monthly payments rather than one large payment at the time of death. Government statistics show that when cemetery property is purchased at the time of death costs are at their highest.

Is Mausoleum Entombment Accepted by All Religions?

Mausoleum entombment is accepted by nearly every major religion.

Can Payments Be Made Over Time?

Yes. In fact most people decide on making easy low monthly payments that are tax-free and interest free at St. Michaels. However, we do offer cash discounts to people who pay cash at the time of pre-arranged property purchase.

St. Michael’s Cemetery presently offers 10 mausoleums

  • St. Anthony’s
  • St. Francis’
  • St. Gabriel’s
  • St. Jude’s
  • St. Lucy’s
  • St. Mary’s
  • St. Raphael’s
  • St. Michael’s
  • St. Peter’s
  • St. Joseph’s