An urn is a container that stores cremated remains. St Michael’s encourages families to provide a dignified final resting place such as a niche columbarium or an in-ground burial with a memorial for the deceased.

niche is a space inside a columbarium.

columbarium is a structure in a mausoleum that has recesses in the wall to receive an urn.

mausoleum is a community or private building or structure that houses the deceased.


St. Michael’s offers an extensive selection of simple to ornate urns at affordable prices. Please visit us to explore our collection.


St. Michael’s Cemetery offers two types of niches: marble- or granite- front niches, and glass-front niches.

Marble/Granite-Front Niches

Granite and marble front niches hold one urn. The front of the niche can be inscribed with the deceased’s name and years of birth and death. You may also add a flower vase, religious emblem, or porcelain portrait of the deceased.

Glass-Front Niches

Glass front niches now come in various shapes and sizes that permit you to personalize the interior with photos and memorabilia of your loved ones.

Please contact a memorial counselor that can assist you with choosing the best possible style and location to meet your needs.