The Cremation Process

Cremation is an irreversible and final process. Cremation is carried out by placing the container or casket holding the deceased into a cremation chamber where it is subjected to intense heat and flame. Following cremation, the crematory will remove all of the remains from the cremation chamber. The cremated remains will be mechanically pulverized into small pieces and placed into a designated container.

How to Arrange a Cremation

In New York State, you must hire a funeral director. Only a licensed and registered funeral director may arrange and receive authorization for a cremation to take place. A casket is not necessary, but human remains must be enclosed in a leak-proof, rigid, combustible container for delivery to the crematory.

Before choosing a cremation firm, consult the Cremation Association of North America’s questions consumers should ask. The Funeral Consumers Alliance’s frequently asked questions is another excellent resource.

After Cremation

The final disposition of cremated remains will take place according to your and your families’ wishes. They can be placed in an urn and buried in a cemetery or interred in a mausoleum or columbarium. For more information about placing cremated remains at St. Michael’s Cemetery, please speak with our memorial counselors by calling 718-278-3240.

Cremation and Funeral or Memorial Services

Since cremation is only the process and generally not the final disposition of a body, funerals and memorial services may be arranged according to the wishes of the deceased or the family of the deceased. These services may be held prior to or after the actual cremation.