Toys For Tots December 16, 2017

Dec. 16, 2017 Elmhurst, Queens, New York, US – A bounty of donated toys is displayed inside the Chapel at St. Michael’s Cemetery. Local people celebrating children mounted the drive to bring Christmas joy to needy youngsters.(Photos/Rick Maiman)

Christmas will shortly reward us with the sights and sounds that enthrall children and families alike.  It is always the time of year that excites and reminds us of the joys of life.  The season is a joy that transforms the end of a year to the birth of a New Year.

So many are celebrating their ability to give presents to loved ones and children.  Large gatherings share food and the exhilaration of opening presents.  There is the spirit of giving and sharing that engulfs us in warmth and security.  We marvel at the tranquility that life in America rewards us with.

Yet there are, as there has always been those to whom Christmas is a time of sadness.  They do not have the means of providing gifts to their children.  Parents who cannot give a present to a child feel the dread of disappointment, sorrow and the belief that they have failed their children.

Toys for Tots headed by the United States Marine Corp has defended these families for years.  By collecting donated toys and giving them to children in need they bring hope to families and smiles to those who had shattered hope.  The Marines proudly defend the nation at home and abroad.  Toys for Tots define the Marine Corp dedication to the highest standards of what it means to be an American!

On Saturday December 16, 2017 at 3pm St. Michael’s will again host the Marines.  Members of the Corp will be preset to collect donations of toys and money extending their thanks for families whose participation make their efforts in providing for children in need successful.

St. Michael’s invites the community to join with us.  Please attend Saturday, December 16th by bringing donations and children to meet  the Marines.  Children are thrilled to be photographed with the Marines.