A Tribute to Scott Joplin 2018

ST. Mikes Joplin 2018    

Scott Joplin, the king of Ragtime, died in 1917 and was interred in St. Michael’s Cemetery.  His grave remained unmarked until 1974 when ASCAP- the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers- responding to the immense popularity of Joplin’s music due to its use in the award-winning film The Sting, installed a plaque.

St. Michael’s Cemetery has been honoring this great composer every May for many years with free, outdoor ragtime concerts on its grounds.  The concert, to be held on May 19, at 2 pm., will feature Dan Levinson’s Canary Cottage Dance Orchestra, an ensemble that recreates the style of the late ragtime years.  The concert will include a barbershop quartet.  The Victorian Vaudeville Quartet will sing a special number at Scott Joplin’s grave.

A Free BBQ will be offered to the public.