Cremation Price List

All prices are subject to change.  Services cancelled within 24 hours of service time are subject to the service fee.  Special services are available upon request and may require additional charges.  Metallic or metal-lined caskets are prohibited.

2018 Price Sheet (Effective 01/01/2018)
Adult Direct Cremation – Cardboard container, air tray, press board with cloth covering, wood casket $425
Child Direct Cremation/ Children less than 10 years $175
Oversized Direct Cremation- Any casket over 30″ and/or over 350lbs (must call ahead) $650
Chapel Rental Fee (30 minutes) in combination with a cremation (must call ahead)  *Each additional 15 minutes (after the first 30min) is an addit. $125.00 $125
Family request to View or start fire/ Next Day Service $150
Same Day Service Fee $200
Sunday Cremation Service $1750
Memorial Service- 1 Hour, includes 2 floral pieces and easel (must call ahead) $600
Overtime Mon.-Fri. after 3:30 PM (per half hour) $150
Overtime on Saturday after 2:30 PM (per half hour) $150
Shipping of cremated remains (within NY State) via registered mail $60
Shipping of cremated remains (outside of NY State) via registered mail $100
Temporary storage for 90 days or less $300